What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Hey guys, today we’re gonna review the ins and outs of a virtual phone number. So what is a virtual phone number? A virtual phone number is a phone number that’s not directly associated with a telephone line. What does that actually mean? A virtual phone number is not associated with any piece of hardware. Calls from your virtual phone number can be forwarded to a number of devices, like a mobile phone, or a landline, or a soft phone. This gives you, as the phone owner, the freedom to answer calls from anywhere.

So what would be a common use case for a virtual phone number? Maybe you have multiple employees that you don’t want to list multiple phone numbers on your website or business cards. Maybe you have an employee who works remote, and you want to bring him into the conversation, make sure calls get to him, like he’s working in your office.

Or maybe you just don’t want to buy any extra hardware. You don’t want to add any extra phones to the desks. You don’t wanna bring anything else in. You just wanna have people use their mobile phones. Whatever your reason, virtual numbers save you time AND money.

So what happens when somebody calls your virtual phone number? Well for the caller, it sounds like any other phone number. They’ll dial into a geographical (local ) number and that’ll get forwarded to a number of different devices, like your softphone, or your Skype phone, a mobile phone, or a landline. It really gives them a lot of options to get in contact with someone but the forwarding on the app does the work for you. They get to speak to someone in your business without having to dial all those phone.

It’s a great idea and it works brilliantly for businesses of all sizes. Would you like to see for yourself? We invite you to come and give a it a try FREE for 30 days. Just click HERE and choose your local number and we can get you up and running.

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