Set Up a Professional Business Phone Number – VoIP | Top Tips for Small Businesses

Ok guys and girls it time to get a professional business phone number. If you’re still advertising your mobile phone number or even worse your home landline number as your business telephone number, then let today be the day that you do something about that. Unless the business that you run relies on the very personal ultra mobile one-man-band types in which case you can probably skip this step altogether.

A more business oriented phone number inspires much more confidence in would-be new customers as it makes a far better first impression It also allows you to distinguish between personal and business phone calls so you never run the risk of answering a sales call in an unprofessional manner because customers are calling your personal mobile.

I’d recommend signing up for a virtual landline for a number of reasons. Unlike a normal landline setup you’re not tied down to one particular physical place you can take a phone with you wherever you like because you make and receive calls either on an IP phone plugged into your office broadband or on your smart phone via the mobile app.

If you don’t have an IP Phone or you’d rather use a standard phone that you have lying around, you can get a little box that plugs into your router or any switch in your network and then a normal phone can plug into that because the call handling happens in the cloud.

There are lots of business-friendly features which mean you can do many things like record your phone calls, play a we’re closed message based on your opening hours, set up menu options and view detailed statistics of who’s called your number as well and those features are just the tip of the iceberg!

Sounds good? Yeah, we think so too 🙂 And we want you to try this air mobile, VOIP calling, cloud telephones (it’s all the same thing) with our 30 day FREE virtual landline trial. No costs, no risk and see how a business phone number can really simplify your life.

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