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October will soon be over and you don’t have any Halloween marketing ideas for social media yet? No fear! It’s the perfect time for you to Scare up some Social Media Engagement. If you’ve never done Halloween marketing before, now is the best time to start. So, before the end of the month, you can create simple campaigns for your local business and add some spooky fun to your own product or service.

Here I have some tips and tricks on how you can create successful Halloween marketing campaigns for social media to Scare up some Social Media Engagement on a small budget. In this way you can increase the level of awareness of your brand and sales with little effort.

Post fun Halloween-themed content "Halloween social media engagement"
1. Post fun Halloween-themed content to Scare up some Social Media Engagement

The good thing about those days before Halloween is that you have many options to play with fear. Here you can join the Halloween fun, regardless of the industry and your company size, and post funny content. Social media graphics or pictures and quotes with a Halloween theme can be created quickly and provide interactions for your target group. If you run a business blog, you can also write creative Halloween blog posts.


Create a costume photo contest "Halloween social media engagement"
2. Create a costume photo contest for more ways to Scare up some Social Media Engagement

Dressing up is common during carnival time, but you can also use a costume competition for your company on Halloween and host it on social media. Therefore, encourage your employees to dress up, take photos, post the pictures on social media and let the fans vote on the “scariest costume” with a like or comment. Or you ask your customers and fans to post their scary photo in the comments and let them vote. Both campaigns are great for a competition.
A costume contest is the ideal way to get more engagement and of course to increase the awareness of your brand.


Decorate your social media profiles "Halloween social media engagement"
3. Decorate your social media profiles

Another easy way to use Halloween marketing for your business is to create spooky cover photos and profile photos for your social media profiles. This trick is free, gets attention, and takes little time. If you don’t have a graphic designer in your company who can edit the right photos, you can also use free apps like Canva. Incidentally, the Facebook cover picture is particularly suitable for creating a Halloween atmosphere.

4. Offer limited Halloween scary bargains

To create a scary Halloween bargain, you don’t always need a large marketing campaign or specially designed themed product. Simply combine some existing fall products with Halloween themes and turn them into a Halloween marketing idea. For spontaneous people in your target group, you can work with scarcity and offer a limited number of products or services.

Autumn products with Halloween themes as scary bargains increase sales

Create some creative posts with, for example, packaging with Halloween motifs and combine their names with suitable terms such as vampirezombiewitch, etc. Here you should not forget to include creepy calls to action in your social media cover photos or posts.

5. Post horror videos to Scare up some fun Social Media Engagement

If you are already in the process of transforming your social media profiles into a creative Halloween look, you can also create exciting scare videos. The stories on Instagram and Facebook are perfect for posting funny videos quickly.

The shock video didn’t work – what now?

If you don’t succeed in a “spontaneous moment of shock”, you can also film employees as they prepare for the costume competition. This gives your community a look behind the scenes of your company, which speaks for the personality and transparency of your brand.


You don’t have to be a clothing store owner to create a successful Halloween marketing campaign without extensive preparation and strategy. With these ideas you can increase your reach and your engagement in social media even with a small budget and a little time and possibly also win a few new customers. If you have creepy Halloween marketing ideas for social media that I forgot in this blog post, write them down in the comments below.


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