Do I Need A Website in 2022?

One question we continue to receive is, “Do I really need to have a website in 2022?”. We are aware of a myriad options to promote information and sell your products online. Selling directly is possible on most social media platforms today, so is a website required?

YES. Without a doubt.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind this and what benefits it could bring you in 2022.

Why You Need a Website in 2022

  • You do not own your social media presence. So, if all your content is stored on social media, in the event that it was to be shut downwards (like in the massive Social Media outages in 2021) then you’re in a bind. If it were attacked – all the content? BOOM. GONE.
  • It is essential to have access to where your data can be stored. It is essential to have a location where all your content is. It is impossible to manage a social network that is not controlled by a third party. However, you have control over the website. All leads, including lead magnets, must return to your website.
  • It helps build trustworthiness. It’s 2022, and a website can help establish reputation in your field and legitimize your business regardless of how little. Even if it’s only an online site with some basic information, it’s more than enough! If we had to bet for something, we’d wager most people would buy something on a website, not only on social media. You just don’t look like a serious business. You could be anyone and we all know how often scammers are on social media right? It makes new customers cautious.
  • It helps in results from searches. If someone searches the name of your business’s social media handles on Google or other search engines, it’s unlikely to reveal any information. However, what if you’ve got your own website that talks about the products you offer, their purpose, and the issues they address? If someone is searching for these things, they’ll find you as a solution. This increases the number of people who see the products you’re offering. In terms of one of my top online mentors – it’s all about how many eyes you see your product. More organically, you can come on the Google search results, and the more you can get, the more effective. It’s something we have been focusing on A LOT around two years ago, and are beginning to see massive benefits in the present. SEO (or search engine optimization) is a thorny sport, but it can yield huge benefits.

More Reasons for Why You Need a Website in 2022

  • Demonstrate your skills in your field, your knowledge, and showcase your product. On your website, you can build an online portfolio, as well as a look-book with blog posts, articles, product listings and product videos, whatever you want, you own it!. All of it is on one page and searchable. This gives potential customers the chance to see your work and think “yep, that’s the perfect product or business for me. They’re selling precisely what I’m looking for.”
  • Analytics. From what we’ve observed, websites provide the most detailed information on your client – which is crucial when you make business decisions. Do you want you to easily answer every question about your ideal client from our worksheet? You’ll find this kind of information by the analytics of your website.
  • It could also be a lucrative source of revenue. If you’re a creator of content, advertising on your website could be a different source of revenue. We can assure you that if you write content to earn your livelihood, you must have a website. Don’t just offer it to social media for free.
  • Websites are accessible 24/7. Whether that’s to answer questions they can’t access via the social media platform. You can also contact them via a form, learn the things that make your product or service distinctive, or even purchase anything by you anytime at any moment. If you’ve got a site, you’re on the internet all the time. It’s probably earning you money even while you’re sleeping.
  • You’re the only competitor on your site. When you get your customers off Facebook and into your site and off the internet, you reduce competition and distraction. On your website, your customers are only thinking about you (and not rushing onto the next article or scrolling down to videos). You can also manage your information flow, as well as the sales. You can also add upsells, discounts, and determine where a buyer will end up after purchasing. This isn’t possible through social media.

website in 2022

In Conclusion

You absolutely must have an online presence in 2022.

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