Do You Really Need a Logo?

At some point in your business, you will come to the topic of design especially logo design. But do you really need a logo? What is it for and when should you design a logo for your business?


There are 4 good reasons why you should design a logo for your business:

  1. It shows at a glance who you are, what you do, what solution you offer for your target group and thereby spreads your message within seconds. It’s like a door sign that your target audience sees before they get to know you better. And believe me: Your target group decides in seconds based on the logo whether they want to deal with you and your business or not. All of this happens in the subconscious and is decided based on the logo whether you are likeable or not.
  2. It shows you as an expert in your field: If your logo has been designed with the focus on your own mission, target group and message, then it presents you as an expert through a functional and clear design. So you also position yourself with your logo. However, it is really important that you and your business are reflected in the logo and are clearly recognizable to the target group.
  3. It creates a unique selling point and a recognition value: if your logo shows you as an expert and thereby also expresses your personality, then it is simply different from the logos of your competition. Take a look at your logo and that of your competition. Do you stand out with your logo? Is there anything your target audience will remember? Or do you go down in the crowd of your competition and remain the invisible ugly duckling?
  4. A logo helps you to see at a glance for your target group which problem you are solving. It shows you as an expert and creates a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competition.


The logo often falls into the background or is dismissed as unimportant. I see this again and again, especially with self-employed people who start their business or are on their own. And I can understand you, even if you think that a logo is not so important. This is probably because you think that there is a high investment behind it.

The market is now flooded with cheap logos and these are often not suitable for the business and entrepreneur. As a result, the entrepreneur quickly realizes that the logo is of no use for them and thinks it is unimportant.

However, in this case, the error is somewhere else, because the maker of the cheap logo did not consider these things:

  • It is important not only to make the design look beautiful but to tailor it to you and your business. With a plan, strategy and concept.
  • That is why a logo design for a graphic designer costs between £500-£2000. A graphic designer considers exactly these 3 things and, with the combination of your mission, target group and message, develops exactly the logo that shows your business in such a way that it appeals to your target group.
  • A logo is therefore worthless to you if it is not carefully designed.


The most important thing is that you are ready for it. Yes, that sounds strange now, but before you are ready to deal with your design and branding, you don’t need a logo.

You also need to know that a logo is an investment. I had already told you earlier that a graphic designer costs between £500-2000, sometimes more. Depending on how it is calculated. And yes, these costs are completely justified, because a lot of work is being done like thinking and brainstorming.

If you want to design your logo yourself, you have to invest money in knowledge and maybe software. Also something completely different: time!

Designing a logo can take your time if you don’t know exactly how to do it and what you need to consider. So you should ask yourself whether you want to have your logo designed by yourself or by a graphic designer and what you are willing to invest in it.


It makes sense that you have already established your basis for your business: your mission, target group and message before getting a logo. A graphic designer uses these three elements to design your logo precisely for you and your business and thus address your target group.


Perhaps you are now thinking about whether a logo is suitable for you and your business. Or you already have a logo but are not satisfied with it. Then first check if you have the things mentioned and then think about how you want to design your new logo. With this, you have a basis and can look much more specifically which is a more sensible design for your logo.

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