- Convert your website content to video to get new sales, clients, leads and get found online

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Website Conversion To Video

Get Ranked Higher in Search Engines

Our video marketing ideas for small business are designed to generate links to your business and get new sales, clients and leads. If you already have content on your website we can turn that content into video for you.

This works really well for ecommerce products. Where we can take each of your products and make a unique video for each one!

If you are a blogger or have a lot of content on your website, we can take each blog or article and do the same. Now you get a range of videos and tap into the power of YouTube (owned by Google) and this generates views, interest, sales, leads and backlinks. All of the wins!

A step-by-step 10x Video Creation System

The SMB 10x Video Marketing System is a video creation, distribution, and conversion system that helps you build authority in your field of expertise by creating, hosting, optimizing, and distributing videos that get you ranked higher and get you more leads.


Online videos are often the number one form of content consumed on the web. Our goal is to help smaller businesses stand out from the crowd online by creating engaging videos that work for you. Rather than spending thousands trying to get dedicated or specialist video services, with our website video conversion service we can take the assets you already have and turn them into video. It gets amazing results.

Website Conversion To Video

Website Conversion To Video

Get your website content converted to video! Awesome results
£ 75
  • We will create videos for each content/product page of your website. Our system will index your website and create videos for distribution on YouTube.
  • Using your (product/content) images and content, we will generate and build videos for each (product in the ecommerce catalog / page of the website)
  • We will include a clickable tracking link in the video description for viewers to direct them to the (product / content) page
  • The videos will be distributed across a network of YouTube channels to which we have access
  • Up to 20 videos every month!
  • Includes detailed reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

we can add music and a voice over or both to your videos, the voice is AI but it does sound natural.

We can’t make edits after the video has been uploaded to YouTube. If there are spelling errors on product details or on blogs / articles, this will not be picked up by our system, it pulls the content “as is”. If you spot an error we can delete the video and re add it in future months.

Typically the product page as that’s what is being advertised. If it’s pulling content from a page, it will link to that page. We can add other clickable links as well like social media links etc.

Yes, we can do as many as you want in increments of 20, if you have more than 100 contact is for special rates for bulk orders.

The content is taken from your site so this should rarely be an issue, the system is designed to be automated so tends to take the images and content in order. if there are no images (like a blog) it will choose images based on the content. We can’t guarantee a perfect match but it will be close.

Here’s Our 3-step Process

How It Works.


Place your order with us

You’ll get a quick questionnaire emailed back. Tell us about your website or store, give is the URL (website link) and tell us what products or articles you’d like us to covert. If you add new products or articles, just keep us up to date on any you DON’T want to be converted as our system automatically pulls content for creation.


Check access to your site

We check access to your site, set up any technical things we might need like RSS feeds for you and then we start to work out magic.

Our technical magic runs in the background and will start to compile all the content ready to turn into videos.


Report on the videos created and provide samples

We report on the videos created and provide samples, we also monitor your ranking results for the keywords of the videos made for you. Up to 20 videos per month all done and delivered and even distributed across our network of YouTube channels.

Need something else?

Do you have a bigger website, have competitive keywords (national not just local) or have a large ecommerce store? We cn do SEO for all businesses of all sizes, just ask for a quote and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

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