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Small Business 10x is here to offer the best service and solutions to you. We know what you need and we know affordability is vital. We have created packages that best reflect the most common needs. PLUS, we don’t expect you to fit into a box, so our packages are also available as separate solutions so you can create exactly what you need.

What Do You Get?

We also know for many small businesses the expense and investment of getting a website is one of the higher costs when setting up and running your small business. The prices vary greatly but can be significant and when you have to pay that upfront, it KILLS your cashflow. Our solution offers a great value website that looks professional and has all the features you’d expect.

Look at ALL you get for a super low monthly rate. No extra charges for your domain name or your hosting. We honestly have tried to think of everything for you.

Need More Help?

Not everyone wants to update their own website, write blogs, or add pictures of new projects. We do understand that and we do have a content and support bolt on solution if you want to be completely hands off. That way, you just send us what you want added and changed and our team does it for you. Pricing can be monthly or quarterly – just ask the customer evangelists, they’ll get you some pricing over.

Most people won’t need it though, we try and make the whole process as easy as we can for you, every step of the way.

Your #1 Choice For Affordable Web Design


Don’t get tied to high upfront costs. Web design is now insanely affordable with no up front costs and best of breed designs to showcase your business online. Easy pay monthly business web design. We represent YOU and we take that job seriously. All our website design services include tonnes of features. Scroll down to see just the highlights!

A TurnKey Website

We create it so it’s ready to go! All contact forms, emails, inclusion of your logo and branding. Hosted and ready to go live when you say you’re happy.

Monthly Affordable Subscriptions

No up-front costs, we charge a low monthly fee

Support Included

We will secure, back-up and update your website with core updates to keep it running smoothly, that’s all included in the price

Basic, e-Com or Bespoke

Just select the best website type that works best for you

All businesses are unique and your needs are going to be different to another business, even another competitor. With our great packages, we have bundled together the most obvious solutions a small / medium business might need. But we can create tailored packages based on what YOUR business needs.

This is your all singing, all dancing, up to 5 page website that will work wonderfully for a lot of small and medium sized businesses. It will have a great design and will be designed to sell and promote what your business offers. You get up to 10 email addresses and if you take advantage of our ROCKET package, you’ll get a Virtual Landline as well – all for a crazy low price of just £34.98

If you don’t want the landline to mobile solution then you can opt for the website with emails only at £24.98 per month – order below!

Do you have a an offline store, do you sell “stuff” then doing that online makes perfect sense. We will build you a dedicated shop within WordPress using Woocommerce. The great thing is that this e-commerce store is highly flexible, you can set it up to sell most things and unlike other platforms like Shopify. there are no spiralling monthly costs. When it’s set up, it runs free.

It takes longer to design the site and of course, we need to create the store within the website, upload all the products and set up pricing, shipping and taxes for you. It is a little more labour intensive. We will quote you a price for your e-commerce store but we can only do that when we know how simple or detailed the store will be. Prices for e-commerce START FROM only £38.99 per month (site and store only) but we would need to give you a tailored and fair price depending on what you need. A site with 20 products and 200 products take different times and skills. Contact us now, we’ll ask a few simple questions and can typically have your quote over the same day!

So, you have a website already and want it re-designed? Maybe you need more than 5 pages as you have more to say and show? Maybe you need a website that offers more space and things like sub-domains or country level targeting? Whatever you need, our team can make that idea into a reality. Just get in touch, one of the design team will then arrange a call or email to understand what we can help you with. We will then have the web design team have a look, do some research and checks and come back to you with a bespoke plan and monthly pricing within 72 hours. All our design work includes FREE emails and FREE hosting. For larger sites with higher traffic volumes we might increase your hosting range but it’s all included in our simple monthly pricing plans.

Website design or refresh small business 10X-min

Website Design Includes

Monthly Payment

Avoid a large one-off expense: thanks to the convenient monthly subscription you can better adapt the cost of the website to your budget.


We make sure that your website and its components are regularly updated, so as to ensure optimal and safe operation. All sites include an SSL certificate as a standard.

Peace of Mind

You don’t have to worry about the management and renewal of your products and services, they are already included in the subscription.


Maintenance is included in the website subscription, we allocate time for you to update and back-up your website every month.

Cost Effective

A simple, low monthly cost covers you for everything. We take care of your website so you can take care of your business. Easy as pie!

Wordpress CMS

We give you full website and cpanel access so if you want to add pages and update your website, or maybe add in a blog. We even have free video training for getting used to using the WordPress system.


You can modify / update your services and products to your liking, just tell us what you need – the team are here to help.


Every great service must be accompanied with excellent support. You get back ups and updates. If you need more help (maybe want us to write a blog for you?) then just let us know.


We help you transfer it or *set it up. No domain name, no problem, we buy one for you!


We manage the hosting service for you through a reliable and environmentally friendly partner. We host your website, no extra costs – it’s all in the monthly price.


We create an ideal website for you that is perfectly suited to all common devices, operating systems and browsers. It’ll show up on phones, tablets and TVs and still look awesome.


We optimise your website when we build it so that it is correctly indexed by the main search engines. This’ll give you the best start online.


We set up professional email addresses for you, linked to your domain name (up to 10 but more can be added). Already have eMail with a 3rd party provider? That’s fine we’ll link it all together for you.

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 Just tell us what you need, one of our core 3 packages or something just for you and we’ll deliver, it really is that simple.


Integrate your website with the systems and software you need: newsletters, CRM, social media…..tell us what you need, the web design team will do the work.

Where Is The Website Made In?

All our websites are built using WordPress. That way they are easy to update when we pass them to you.

They are easy to index as well, so Google likes sites that are built using it.

I Don't Know How To Use WordPress!!!

It’s super easy and we even give you free videos. If you can use a MS Word document, then you can use WordPress. We share easy user videos with you and we are always here to help.

How Much Does Hosting Cost?

It’s all included in the price, we have our own servers. Plus your website comes with built in maintenance into the cost so we take backups, update core settings and make sure it’s all nice and safe for you.

I Can't Find A Domain For My Business


That’s OK, sometimes you have to be a little creative with choosing the domain name but we can help you. Simple things like changing a word to a number, adding in UK or a hyphen is all that is needed. The trick is to make it simple…..something long like www.grimersandsonsbuildersmerchantsnortheastscunthorpe.co.uk might be your business name but it’s not a good domain name.

Shorter and easy to remember – so, Grimesnsonsbuilders.co.uk is much better or grimesbuilderscunthorpe.co.uk


I Don't Know What To Put On The Website

That’s fine, our team create and design websites every day. We can write compelling and interesting content for you. We will share the site with you and you can ask for changes before it goes online. We do all the heavy lifting and you can be as much or little involved as you want.

Will You Use My Logo, Branding etc.

Yes we will. Each site is designed to the business we are building it for. So we will use your colours (if you have them or tell us what you like), we will use similar fonts to your existing site or business card. We will upload your logo for you as well.


If you don’t have a logo or want something different for the website the contact us as we do logo and graphic design as well.

How Long Till I Get My Website?

The standard website – so up to 5 pages, we will have ready in 5-7 days. This gives us time to build it, add in the images and graphics and make sure any changes you ask for are done. We will usually communicate with you over email so the faster you reply, the quicker the design team are.

If you are choosing a pro or e-commerce website, we’ll chat with you to know more about what you need and then give you can accurate timeline. Most sites are within 2 weeks on average.


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