-Make any videos you have work harder

Multiply existing videos

Video Multiplication & Distribution

Video creation can be expensive and time consuming (unless we do it for you.) So you might have one or two videos you have invested in. That’s only going to get you so many views and so much visibility. With our duplication service, we can take one video and change it into many – all at low cost. Giving you more reach, more views and better results!

Video Multiplication AND Distribution,

We can take any single video and change it, add a different call to action, add a new opening slide or closing slide, add or remove voice over and make it into a new piece of content good for video marketing for small local businesses. Then ( and this is where the magic happens) we can share it across multiple Video sites and accounts to get your more views. Add in call to actions and take viewers to your website, Google business listing, social channels or products. Volume matters but it does not need to cost the earth!

Video Multiplication & Distribution

We’ll take your existing videos and expose their reach!
£ 85
Per Month
  • We create and distribute NEW versions of your videos
  • We distribute across a wide YouTube account network we own
  • We will generate unique video introductions & video closings to make brand NEW videos!
  • We will include a clickable tracking link in the video description for viewers to engage with your offer
  • Monthly click and reach reports
  • 25 NEW Videos Per Month
  • Includes detailed reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We can turn one video into many more, a few changes can make it unique. Then e can distribute it to get your more reach and more views. This leads to more leads or more sales.

We typically create 100 per month. If you have several videos then we can do this every month for you

Typically streaming sites like YouTube and Stream TV, you can also request up to 10 for use on your google my business, websites or for sharing across your social media

This is a volume service, so we can send some examples of what we will be changing for you but to send a 100 videos for you to approve is not a good use of your time. If you like what we do with the samples be assured that’s the same process for the rest. This service us about getting you more visitors and sales rather than super cool design, we just use the main video(s) you provide and create more from that base to make them unique so we can distrubute them for you.

Here’s Our 3-step Process

How It Works.


Place your order

Place your order with us fill out the simple questionnaire and link us to the video(s) you want us to duplicate.


The team at SMB10X roll up their sleeves

We get to work and create new videos, we can send you some samples to see what the changes are. We then create en masse.


We get to work

We get to work and & start mass creating all the 100 videos (EVERY MONTH) and then share them across our YouTube channels and other streaming platforms. We send you a simple report every month with the details of how this affects your rankings.

Need something else?

Do you have a bigger website, have competitive keywords (national not just local) or have a large ecommerce store? We cn do SEO for all businesses of all sizes, just ask for a quote and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

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