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Video Content Packages

Video Design

Did you know YouTube is the SECOND largest search engine in the UK? We can create explainer videos, business intro videos and more! Video marketing is a secret sauce most small businesses are not taking advantage of – you can

Video is the new TV advertising and sites like YouTube are dominating our viewing time. And it’s much more than just cat videos! Make sure you are making the most of this rich media and you too can create interesting and traffic driving videos. We can promote your local business, drive traffic to your website or your Google Maps, we can add trackable links and we can check how it all impacts how you appear in the search results. Better still, this is now more cost accessible than it’s ever been!

Take a look at some of our most popular video content packages and you too can find video helps your business to grow rapidly in a way that does not cost the earth!

Video Pricing -
Creation & Marketing


x3 Different Styles!
£ 19
one time cost
  • Create 3 different logo reveals
  • Free animation and creatives
  • Great for videos and websites
  • Unique design using your logo / brand colours
  • x2 edits for each to truly make it perfect!
  • See our portfolio for examples


3 exciting styles
£ 29
one time cost
  • A longer video (typically up to 60 seconds)
  • Includes logo reveal or animation
  • Includes text or voice over introducing your products / services
  • 1080 hi res video
  • Includes source file
  • Includes web and / or social links


£ 59
one time cost
  • 2-3 minute high quality video
  • Can be used for social media promos/ads
  • Can be used on websites
  • Can be used on YouTube
  • Includes a FREE script
  • 1080 hi res video
  • Includes source file
Low Price


£ 99
one time cost
  • 4-6 minute high quality video
  • Can be used for social media promos/ads
  • Perfect for info and explainer videos
  • Can be used on websites
  • Can be used on YouTube
  • Includes a FREE script
  • 1080 hi res video
  • Includes source file

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

it’s a cool way of animating your logo. It’s perfect for websites and using it in videos, check out our portfolio for some examples and to see it in action

Intro and outro, whatever you need, the price is the same so it’s easy – just tell us what you need on the simple form and let the SMB10X pro team do the rest!

Any that you want, it’s the perfect way to explain a product or service simply and is more engaging than just reading text. 

Tell us what you want, we write the script for you, review it then let us create the magic!

Yes we do, great questions, check out our Local Video services to see how you can gain all the benefits of sites like YouTube. It won’t cost you a kings ransom either!
 click here

Here’s Our 3-step Process

How It Works.


Answer Some Questions

Click order now and we’ll send you some quick questions. Tell us what video service you need, link to any examples or tell us what you’d like


We Review & Build

We’ll send you the logo reveals or we’ll draft or check your script for the explainers. You review and tell us any changes you’d like us to make


We Finalise and It’s Yours!

Once we’ve done you get to see the finished results, either logo reveals or the explainer delivered to you, yours to keep and enjoy!

Need something else?

Do you have a bigger website, have competitive keywords (national not just local) or have a large ecommerce store? We cn do SEO for all businesses of all sizes, just ask for a quote and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

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