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The desire for a professional internet presence is often not only associated with high costs, but also with a high expenditure of time. However, we  believe that this does not always have to be the case. A cheaper alternative would be particularly advantageous for smaller companies or non-profit associations. That is why we offer our customers not only our individual solutions, but also the option of switching to a rental model. With this variant, you receive an all-round carefree package tailored to your needs, which despite the lower costs does not lack professionalism.

This is a crazy service! I was quoted £1200 for a website that did not look a quarter as good as what Small Business 10X created and it was up and running in under 20 days.

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  • The rental model is an inexpensive alternative because the monthly fixed costs eliminate the comparatively higher purchase costs for such a solution.
  • With our designs we save time and the costs of a professional design, but you can still customize your website with colour preference and your logo.
  • An internet presence is not only an important focal point for companies, clubs or landlords, but can also serve as an information platform for upcoming events – thanks to the rental model, however, you do not get stuck with all the running costs after the end of the event, but can cancel it after a short time.
  • Thanks to the different packages , you only pay for what you really need. However, should you ever need more, you can adapt your chosen package at any time in order to continue to make the most of your website.



Some things are essential for a professional website, we know that. That is why even our smallest package includes everything that is required to start a website.
For the two three Small Business 10X packages you can choose from BASIC,  TOTAL or PERFORMANCE.  The website is as unique as you and you get full access to it so you can edit, add blogs, create special offers and anything else your heart desires! BASIC is a cool, tailored template, you can choose your colours and from some set layouts. TOTAL is great if you more personalisation or advanced elements included like e-commerce. PERFORMANCE is exclusively for websites that are already or close to ranking in search results and will include a powerful domain name.

If you are interested in one of the following rent-a-website services, please feel free to go ahead and order one or just let us know if you’ve any questions. We look forward to working with you on your new website!

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