- Get ahead of the competition with Video marketing

Local Video Marketing Made Easy with SMB10X

Pre Roll Local Video Marketing

Local Video Marketing Made Easy with SMB10X

Pre roll, no it’s not something from Subway, it’s a clever little local video marketing advert that appears before the main video in YouTube videos. It sits in front of another video and you can’t skip it. These run for a very short time, under 15 seconds and promote a product or service before the main video starts. There is also a link to your business, website, product, social media links, in the description of the main video.

So you get to use other, interesting content and piggy back off it to advertise your business! Doing this means you get a prime video advert and control where the customers go.

We source relevant video content to put your pre-roll video in front of. That means you get seen by your target audience when they are looking for things they are interested in.

Get in front of your target audience.

If you want to market to a certain niche or age group, you have to reach those people where they are. With video marketing, you can reach people directly and grab their attention. They’ll also be able to engage with you through comments and social media, increasing your brand exposure. Most importantly this gets you new leads.

We create the video pre-roll using your logo, colours and messaging, we direct the video viewer to a  link of your choice, typically a Google Business Profile listing, a contact us page o a social media profile depending on how and where you do your most business.

Get more visibility online and start generating new leads.

Video Marketing is the fastest growing form of online marketing today. 98% of all consumers watch online videos every day! Having a video marketing strategy that will bring you new customers and increase your visibility online is now in the reach of any small business with our dedicated small business services.

Pre Roll Local Video
Marketing Pricing


Get ahead of the competition with Video marketing
£ 100
Per Month
  • We will create and run Pre-Roll ads on YouTube videos related to our chosen keywords and industry-based content.
  • Pre-Roll ads are 5 to 10 seconds long and run at the beginning of targeted keyword videos and industry-based content
  • These pre-roll ads are NOT skippable
  • We will generate and build keyword-related video content for our ads to run
  • We will generate and build industry-related video content for our ads to run
  • We will include a clickable tracking link in the video description for viewers to engage with our offerde a clickable tracking link in the video description for viewers to engage
  • The videos will be distributed across a network of YouTube channels to which we have access
  • 50 Pre ROLL videos every month
  • Includes detailed reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can, we run many of them and you probably see them all the time in YouTube.

You’ll see it in the search results reports we send you and also, your customer contact should be increasing.

Of course, we can send it over. It just sits at the front of the video so its duration is short by design.

You can tell us the types of things, but we can’t put it on specific videos as not all videos allow it. We only use content where this is permitted publicly but there are a tonne of them that allow it. Better tell us the type of information and we’ll source the content we can use.



Here’s Our 3-step Process

How It Works.


Place your order with us

Place your order with us and you’ll get a quick questionnaire emailed back. Tell us about your business, what types of videos you think would be good to have you pre-roll added to. As an example if you sell products, we can put you at the front of all your competitor videos, if you sell services, we can source content that talks about the services you offer (tips and advice) and put your pre-roll advert at the front of that!



The team at SMB10X roll up their sleeves

The team at SMB10X roll up their sleeves and start the research. We find competitors, we find content for adding the pre-roll too, we check what search terms are relevant on YouTube, we get all your business info and data and we then plug the pre-roll in front of some awesome videos to get you better known.

f we don’t have it yet, share your logo, colours and where you you want the viewers to go to


We then start mass creating all the 100 videos

We then start mass creating all the 50 videos (EVERY MONTH) and then make sure the pre-roll videos are shared across various YouTube channels. We send you a simple report every month with the details of how this affects your rankings.

Need something else?

Do you have a bigger website, have competitive keywords (national not just local) or have a large ecommerce store? We cn do SEO for all businesses of all sizes, just ask for a quote and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

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