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With 100% UK coverage you can choose your local area code and have an immediate, local landline presence appealing directly to your customers.

Quick Set-Up

We will have you up and running usually in 24 – 48 business hours or less

Full Phone System On Easy Mobile App

Forward to your mobile or any other number, login and change it with our easy free mobile app. Answerphone, call routing, set business hours + much more! Included so you are in charge.

FREE Call divert

Not only do you get the number diverted to you but you can also see who is calling you! Something a lot of CHEAP services just can’t offer

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Terms & Conditions

If you want to keep your current number we can do that with our premier number porting service to find out more just click here.

Easy Mobile App Management

Seriously….. who wants to have to email a support team to get a diverted number changed? Yeah….us neither. So how about we give you total control to not only manage diverts but have a complete phone system in your pocket, now you can with the Small Business 10x Virtual Landline app.

Jam Packed With Features

Simple & Intuitive To Use

So much more than JUST call diversion...

What Does A Virtual Landline Number Give Me?

Get a landline number for your business and you’ll see customer calls improve. Look like a genuine and established business. Have the freedom though to work from anywhere as this virtual landline means you are not tied to a desk, office or location.

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Instant forwarding, no delays

Choose where you forward too

What’s Included?

Local Geo Number

Choose a local number under your business area code and if you already have a number, we can port that over for you.

Full Phone Service in your pocket

We start where other products finish. See the app in action and have your mind blown that this is ALL included!

30 Day Free Trial

Try us and see how easy setting up and using a virtual landline is, no cost, no risk



The price is per month for one landline number that you can use and forward anywhere. Order as many as your business needs. 2 locations, 2 departments, no problem, let us know and we will get your numbers ordered and ready for fast use.



If you need 1 line up to 4 lines then this offer will work great for you, if you need more than 4 lines then speak with our expert team as we can look at volume discounts and extra cost savings for you.

Mobile App Management

Choose When, Where..

Divert to your mobile, to a private landline, the choice is yours. Send the call to multiple locations so a partner can answer if you are driving or busy. Your virtual numbers lives in the cloud and not on a desk so take it wherever you are.

Add answerphone, get your voicemail from anywhere, use internationally (works across wifi or 3/4/5G Data. So much more than JUST a virtual number.

Included Minutes


For calls coming into your virtual landline, there is no charge to forward them, so other than the monthly low cost £9.50, that’s it! To dial out using your virtual landline number, then you get 500 mobile AND 500 Landline or you can use your mobile allowance on your current mobile plan.



We have numbers throughout the UK, select your preferred area from the dropdown and we will order your number for you and you can be using as soon as possible.

Additional Info

Keeping you work and private life separate can be tricky, getting a second mobile phone is not the best answer because of cost and the headache of juggling two (or more) mobiles. If you have all the calls coming to your personal number, when you can ever really switch off?

Getting a virtual landline, you can set your work hours, you choose where and when to forward the number and you can use it on your devices. Though we can help you with new mobiles if you need them.

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