Getting Your Start-Up Business Clients

Making your company known is certainly not an easy mission but is an exciting challenge. Small and large companies are keen to make their own companies more famous and this is vital especially for startups. This is because without awareness, there will be no customers and without customers, only the dream of a startup remains.

The worst time to make your company known is when it is already too late. There are marketing activities for your company that are completely free of charge so it should be an important part of your own marketing and communication strategy right from the start.

You should also always keep a close eye on trends and innovations from the perspective of your own company. After all, these have a major impact on where your target group is online and offline. If you are always up to date in this regard, you can optimize your own growth strategies accordingly and realign them.


Now the crucial question arises: how can I best publicize my company? The somewhat less pleasant answer to that: it all depends!

No general statements can be made with regards to increasing awareness of your company. The main thing for a company is to know their target group, their own market and above all, the available instruments that they can use.

Answer these key questions before going to the next step on how to effectively make your own company better known:

  • What is the main target group of my company? The most important thing is to get a precise overview of the target group of your own company.
  • Who do I want to primarily reach to increase awareness?
  • Who primarily wants to buy my company’s products and services?

These three questions should be the starting point for your own planning. Only when you know what you are actually looking for can you actually find the target group with your strategy.

Once you have defined your persona, the next step is to get to know them better and to study their behaviour in daily life. To know that, you must answer these questions:

  • Where do they get information about your industry?
  • Which social media channels do they use every day?

All of these questions can be the first indicator of understanding “where” it might actually be worthwhile – online and offline – to raise awareness of your own company.


The next step is to take a closer look at your own market. Ultimately, the better you know your own competition, the better you can understand how you can skillfully fit into the market and, above all, how you can stand out from the competition.

Adapting new ways can have an extremely positive effect on your company’s success, especially when it comes to increasing awareness! Answer the following key questions to know what your market is composed of:

  • Which ways of increasing awareness are currently used in your market?
  • Are there online channels that, from the perspective of your target group, are better than others?

The answer to these two questions can give you information about which measures you have to integrate into your strategy. And this is exactly where there are supposedly opportunities to increase the awareness of your own company very quickly.


A precise overview of the channels and instruments available to you can help. A closer look at the costs should also be taken into account with each respective instrument.

Only if you know which instruments are available to increase the awareness of your own company and how much they cost for you to use can a sound plan to increase the awareness of your company be drawn up.

If you want to make your company known online, you can choose from a variety of methods these days. After all, the world of online marketing is growing inexorably and there is no end in sight. After all, consumer behaviour is focused on the online world in recent years and the years to come.

Depending on your company, advertising online does not automatically mean that costs will go up because there are ways of getting your company known for free!

Google My Business

Google My Business is a fantastic way to get your company known for free. From your own company’s perspective, this opportunity should be seized in any case! We can even go as far as to say that nowadays, it is negligent and maybe even damaging to business if your company does not have a presence on Google My Business.

That may sound exaggerated but it should trigger the “Aha!” effect. One should never forget that the buying and searching behaviour of all buyer groups has changed drastically in recent years.

The fact is, most searches start on Google. Even if the potential customer is already in front of the shop, in many cases they will still google information or reviews about it. Google My Business has recently become our digital “showcase”. If your presence is not here, you can never be found.

Google Ads

As we just stated, most searches start on Google. You don’t have to be an online marketing expert to know this. A look at the search behaviour in the everyday life of your potential clients should be enough. Already in 2018, there were 3.45 billion search queries per day on Google. To date, this number has multiplied significantly.

With the help of Google Ads, you have the great opportunity to be found for the search terms that are directly related to what our company offers. Suppose you are running a climbing hall business, wouldn’t it be practical if your company appeared in Google’s search results as soon as someone searched for “Cool Leisure Activities”?

This is easily possible thanks to Google Ads! However, the whole thing is not free. Here, you will be billed per “click” and the stronger the competition in your own industry is, the more expensive the “click” will be.


Your company will appear on the front results of Google with the help of a website optimized for search engines. If correctly implemented, an SEO strategy can extremely help you to make your own company known.

Search engine optimization is the art of letting your website “correctly” interact with Google’s “crawlers”. The more precisely you make the description on your homepage or the associated sub-pages, the better Google’s algorithm understands when the content on your page could be the supposedly the “best” result for a respective search query.

If you are completely new to this field, you should not be overwhelmed by its complexity and primarily put yourself in the skin of your potential customers. Determine the questions that your customers could ask on Google about your company and think about how you can provide them with the best answer. As soon as this is clear, you can start to optimize your website according to “SEO” rules.


Bad tongues keep saying that Facebook has long been dead but if you look at the number of users on the platform, you will quickly find the opposite. Facebook itself now has over 1.9 billion users worldwide.

So the probability that you will find the target group of your company on this channel is very, very high. Therefore, you should not be impressed by such blank statements and always test the effectiveness of the channel yourself for your own company.

Do you want to use Facebook for your company? We have put together an ultimate guide to social media “giants” for you!

Facebook Content

If you want to make your company known on Facebook, the first thing you have to do is produce exciting content because your success on Facebook is mainly related to your Facebook page.

Here, it is important to gradually build up a community and to “feed” it continuously with interesting content. In doing so, you should refrain from advertising your products with each post. Rather, it is about producing content that has real added value for the followers of your own Facebook page.

Advertising On Facebook

While your Facebook page is free, you should use the advertising function on it to advertise your company online or on Facebook. Facebook Ads are the best way to increase the reach of your company in no time.

In Facebook Ads, you can define exactly what the target group will later be presented with your content should look like. In this way, you can effectively reduce the wastage of your advertising on the platform.

In addition to that, the “Geo-targeting” function is a great way to reach people in the immediate vicinity of your business. To do this, simply set a radius around the desired address. The desired target group can also be precisely defined here.

Facebook Groups

Another good way to make your own company known on Facebook is through targeted interaction in Facebook groups. Interestingly, almost everyone knows that Facebook groups exist in abundance. However, only a few use them specifically to increase awareness.

From the point of view of your company, it is important to look for the right groups and not just to interact in any groups.

In the groups themselves, the main focus should be on real interaction and added value. Too clumsy advertising is not well received here and in the worst case, they can lead to exclusion from the respective groups.


Since buying Instagram from Facebook, the channel has risen almost meteorically. In recent years, Instagram has become the absolute darling of the masses. If you think about social media marketing these days, you can’t avoid Instagram.

Worldwide, the platform is now used by over 1 billion people. If you want to increase your awareness online, you should definitely discover the possibilities on Instagram.

Do you already know the latest format on Instagram, “IGTV”? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it!

Instagram Content

The posts of your company are in focus on Instagram. These should not only be uploaded continuously but should also be a high level in terms of “image quality”. The look is the be-all and end-all on Instagram.

It is also important that you use the right “hashtags” for every post. Under certain circumstances, this increases the reach of your posts enormously and can ensure that your company is well known with just a few posts.

Use Instagram To Interact With The Target Group

Instagram is a platform that lives like no other from user interaction. Companies that simply unload content here without interacting with other users will rarely achieve success.

This channel is about ongoing interaction. Not only should “likes” be diligently distributed but also comments and praise. Because the users of the channel do not primarily share their pictures here for themselves but for the other users of the platform.

If you put your mind to it, you will be able to increase the awareness of your company in the long run.

Advertising On Instagram

Of course, advertising can also be placed on Instagram. Since Instagram is officially part of Facebook, advertising on Instagram can be placed via Facebook’s Business Manager. To do this, the Facebook and Instagram channels of your own company must first be connected. Don’t worry, this can be done in less than 2 minutes.

Your target group can be reached via advertising in the Instagram feed in the search function and also in the stories. It’s super practical and worth a test depending on the target group.


In addition to the giants Instagram and Facebook, there are of many other social media channels which can increase the awareness of your company.

Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and of course TikTok are some of the most famous. At this point, however, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the current trends. Nevertheless, you should not just jump on every trend but select it based on your target group.


If you want to make your company known locally, you shouldn’t just focus on online tools. There are many other options in the offline area with which your own awareness can be increased very well. These should be used in any case.

Public Relations

The main purpose for this is to establish local contacts and maintain them over for a long time. Building on this strong foundation, the latest news about your own company can be passed on to local PR contacts at the right time.

But be careful, many confuse PR with advertising. This explains why most corporate PR initiatives fail.

Online PR

The online PR discipline has become an important tool for making your own company known locally. Nowadays, there are many local blogs and social media presences. Here, your target group may be bustling and that is exactly why the establishment of contact with these sources should not be neglected.

How To Set Up A Press Distribution List For Your Own Company

Of course, there are many other ways to make your own company known, there are no limits to your creativity. It is about finding the right combination for your company, your products and your target groups.

For example, these tools can also be useful:

  • Use local (online) directories
  • Use local clubs and associations to build a network
  • Visit Meetups or even start your own
  • Build up an email list and do targeted email marketing
  • Carry out guerrilla marketing campaigns

As we said at the beginning, making a company known is not an easy task. Your company awareness does not increase overnight and that is precisely why, from the start, only the options should be selected are the ones that can be operated by your team with foresight and maintained in the long term.

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