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Small Business 10x is here to make sure your first impression is ideal. Nothing screams small like a personal email service being used for your business. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve got your business name in it somewhere, gmail, hotmail, Sky, icloud and Yahoo all shout PERSONAL email.

What you NEED is your name at your business – that’s a professional email and it says you are your business. The big guns will tell you it’s all about branding. That’s true, it is, but it’s also about showing you are a real and genuine business.

business email solution

Your #1 Choice For Affordable Business eMail


Don’t get tied to high upfront costs. You can get emails on their own for your business or as a part of one of our popular small business packages. There are ZERO up front costs and if you don’t yet have a business domain, don’t panic, we will get one of those ordered for you……. thats included…. no extra cost.

If you have a domain now, we’ll just show you what to do (or do it for you) so we can get your business domains set up.

eMails For Your Business

Up to 10 email addresses all linked to your business name. For emails to work they need to be part of a domain name. If you have one, we can connect your emails to it. If you don’t yet have a domain name, then we will order one for you. That’s all included in the super low monthly email price.

eMails Only Subscription

Our 3 business packages have been created for SME’s as after research these are by far the most in demand communication and visibility services. But we also know not everyone wants all the options we offer.


I Have / Need A Domain Name

If you have a domain, we will move it for you to our FREE hosting and we will get your emails activated.

If you don’t have a domain, we will order one that you want.

Professional eMail

Business email in your business name – speaks volumes

You can order your business emails, up to 10 of them as part of one of our perfectly formed small business packages. Both Boost & Rocket have email options built in. If you only want business email, then you can order that below. We offer the first 10 domain names at £5 per month. The £2.25 for every additional email after that. So you can scale up as and when you need to.

See below about domains, as you will need one for your email.

If you only want email then we can do that for you. The rates are £5.00 – that’s fixed per month and allows you up to 10 email addresses on your domain. If you have a domain, we will show you how to change it so you can access emails through us. If you don’t, we will register one for you. It really it stupendously simple. Just click below to get started!

Many customers say, “I only need one!” – yes, you might do now but when you grow you’ll be glad of the 10 you have. Also, you can set up a help, support or enquiries email to keep your direct business email separate. That’s handy for website forms and spam.

Not all domain names are available so if we can’t fight you exactly what you are looking for we will make some helpful suggestions. We only register .com and domains as they will help your website be found.

If you have another domain (.biz, .accountant .info) etc. Then we can host it for you but we would recommend taking advantage of our free domain purchasing and getting one of the extensions that will help your business be easily found.

Are you looking for emails & a website? If so click to find out more….click below


What do I need if I want to have only email accounts with my domain?

If you are already sure that you do not need a website, but only an email account, just purchase a domain name and an email hosting.

First of all, you will need to register a domain in order to associate it with your email accounts – if you have a domain already we can use that, if you don’t we’ll get you one, it’s included in the monthly subscription for you. No extra costs.

How Do I set My eMail on my Pc / Laptop / Phone?

We will send you everything you need to set it up. There’s a free App for mobiles and we will send you the settings for adding your emails to any other PCs and Macs.

Ok, what happens next?

As soon as you place your order, it wings it’s way to our provisioning team, they are the guys and girls who set things up. The team work office hours – Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays. So if your order comes in during a work day, expect an email back the same or the next day. We will just need some more information about your domain (if you have one) or your business name if you’d like us to arrange a domain for you.

Then, when that’s done, we will create up to 10 email addresses for you. Just tell us what you’d like. You can start with one or two and add more later as and when you need them. Once that’s set up for you, we’ll send you details for how to get emails on your devices and how to log into webmail.

We hold your hand all the way and make it super easy.

How much does it cost to have email accounts with my domain?

Choose Boost or Rocket and it’s all built in, if you want email on it’s own it’s just £5.00 per month for up to 10 email addresses. Cool huh?

Do I Have To Buy A Domain?

No…if you have a domain already (even without a website) we can use that. If you don’t yet have a domain, we’ll arrange that for you, it’s all part of the service. We even host it (where your domain lives) and that’s also all included.

How does the webmail work?

The webmail is a tool that allows you to manage online emails, as well as an easy way to access your email inbox from a browser, entering your username and password, without needing any previous configuration. You’ll be able to access webmail using  Access your email from anywhere in the world.

And if I need more email accounts or more space?

Our email hosting plan is completely expandable according to your needs. Therefore, you can add more email accounts at will. If you need more space in some accounts, you can add more just let us know and we can get more added for you. Quick and easy!

Business eMail Includes

Monthly Payment

Avoid a large one-off expense: thanks to the convenient monthly subscription you can better adapt the cost of the website to your budget.

Easy Access

Access at any time and from anywhere in your email address via the webmail service (Roundcube Webmail). As well as on your phone, tablet, desk / laptop

Spam / Antivirus Protection

Protect your email accounts with maximum security and ensure the success of all your communications.

Up To 10 Accounts

Up to 10 email addresses as standard, for you, for your partners and staff, for support, for peace of mind

Modern eMail Service

Forwarding, aliases and automatic replies.

More eMails - We can do that!

Expandable according to your needs, if you need more than 10 emails we can add more for you, low per email or bundle rates

Get The Service You Want at the Price You Need

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