Day 1

Ok so today is ground zero, day 1 of the journey and for sheer convenience we are going the route of the oh so mighty podcast! At some point when you look in the main site sidebar there will (I pinky promise) be a link to the aforementioned podcast in there.

I ‘aint gonna lie, it’s new so getting it listed in all the podcast places you might find it may well take me a little more time. This blog, like me, like me journey, it’s all a work in progress so if you are here on or around the 4th February 2019 – then my bet is there won’t be one heck of a lot to look at. Some ramblings and explainers for what should – SHOULD – be coming next.

What I Am Doing In A Nutshell

The podcast is designed to be a record of the journey, the high’s, the lows and I anticipate a whole bunch of “I don’t knows” as well – just to keep it spicy. The about me page should over time explain a little more about who I am. My journey to be a small business coach / consultant. What I am doing to manifest my own 7 figure business from a literal standing start. If you’re reading this in the timeline above, it literally is day one!

Tomorrow I will do a deeper dive into what this new business is. And that’s a big thing to mention, this is brand new. It’s not an evolution of an existing or an old business model. It is brand new by that I mean – all I am investing in is my education. I am learning stuff online, absorbing information like a proverbial sponge and figuring out what is going to make this 7 figure online business I am talking about.

I did mention it was new, right?

What I Do Have, What I Don’t Have

It’s a list as otherwise I may end up repeating some of the stuff on the podcast and while I think repetition can absolutely be a great thing, what I am not doing or going to do, is repeat for the sake of it. So as it’s not in audio, here is a quick list of where I am genuinely starting from.

What I Have

  • Experience in running my own business
  • Insight into marketing online but we are talking knowledge of SEO and PPC with some content marketing
  • Experience of coaching (Yep – qualified life coach and hypnotherapist)
  • Time to commit to learning, educating and most importantly applying what I am going to learn
  • A desire to better myself and pay it forward by helping others
  • Blind faith that if someone can make it work, that there will be footprints I can follow to achieve similar results

What I Don’t Have

  • Experience of Internet Marketing (A Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens or Russell Brunsen I am most definitely (not)
  • Experience of Affiliate Marketing (never done it before, know what it is in theory, that’s where it stops)
  • No experience of direct marketing (necessary for the above)
  • I am not skilled in Facebook marketing (I’ve a team who can manage social media with the Haych Enterprises business but personally, nope totally hands off.)
  • Any clear end goal, outcome in mind for what this business will form into to get me to that magic 7 figures

That’s it, that’s absolute honesty. If you’ve been in a similar position, you’ll know that sometime you just have to take that first step, commit to it and then the actual figuring it out part will come later. Today my task was to get publishing. So the podcast is going to be the main publishing arm. It’s my commitment to do that for 365 days and see where the journey takes me. I cannot stand blank pages, so I’ll intersperse that with some blogs. Especially as I get my feet more firmly on the path and have more to share with you.

PS – you know when it’s really new as you end up looking at other sites to figure out what categories you should use in your blog 🙂 #truestory

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