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Our online marketing services are all about small businesses. If you are a company with a tight budget, we offer you services that will help you improve your visibility online. What differentiates us from the rest is the direct contact we have with each client in order to understand their needs since not everyone has the same needs, each client is unique and we do do our best to cover all the needs of each one of them. We will deliver you reports and together, we will plan the best content marketing strategy, keywords, landing pages, etc. It will be like having an online marketing department on payroll within the company; something that a huge SEO agency would never do. 

Search Engine Optimization Solutions for Small Businesses

Our primary vision at Small Business 10x is to help you understand the importance of effective SEO strategies so that your business can keep up with Google and grow efficiently with a range of optimization methods.

Our goal is to make your small business grow into a brand. To achieve this, we use market analysis of your niche and develop appropriate strategies adapted to your business.

A strategy that proves to be effective for one company may not be useful for another. The orientation towards a global market is very different from the orientation towards a local area. Developing a custom SEO strategy for your small business that covers all the necessary basics is an absolute must. The methods implemented must be defined in such a way that they target your audience and your vision.

Social Media Solutions for SMEs

Presence on social media is one of the best ways to build and position your brand especially when you use it to provide customer service to your followers. For a small company, it is not always easy to get good quality contents with added value in order to obtain positive feedback so we do the work for you!

With the option of Community Manager for SMEs, we will work with you to optimize your social media profiles, starting conversations according to the profile of your company, and obtaining a more fluid relationship with your followers.

Web Solutions designed for Mobile and User Experience (UX) increasing conversions

When we design a client’s website, we get involved to the point of feeling that we are part of it. Our purpose is to make your website truly successful and make your business, company or brand grow, helping you have a better future.

  • When a potential client arrives at your website, they should find everything easily, thus increasing the possibility of being contacted.
  • A website that does not receive visits have no customers and followers. In general, it becomes a waste of money and time. It is always necessary to optimize the content of your website.
  • The designer must know the purpose for which you want a website, it may be that you want to get more clients, or publicize your project or brand.

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