Landline Mobile App & Pro eMails In Your Business Name

Why Do I Need eMail?

Get eMails in your business name, combat the 75% of customers who don’t trust generic free emails. Control your business brand, look genuine and professional. If you don’t have a domain name, we will reserve and use one for you FREE as part of the amazing service. Add to that a local landline number you can manage from a mobile App and you are set to get new customer contact and show you are a legitimate and genuine business.

Would you trust your bank if you had to email a yahoo account, what if you needed to call them to report your card stolen and they gave you a mobile number to call? It’s all about image and we give you a professional presence, easily and affordably.

Professional Business Image

Easy eMail Access With Pro Features

Access emails online and across all your devices

Choose up to 10 email addresses

What’s Included?

Local Geo Number + Free Mobile App To Manage It's Suite Of Advanced Features

Choose a local number under your business area code and if you already have a number, we can port that over for you.

Business eMail In Your Business Name

We’ll use any domain name you have or get one for your business FREE. Includes or .com domains

Webmail & On Your Devices

Creditability, visibility and in your business name, regardless of your size look instantly reputable



Get your local number(s), manage it instantly from your mobile App. Get business name eMails, forward them, reply to them, add your signature, spam protection, up to 10 eMail addresses. Add more as and when you need them. 



Up to 10 business emails, just tell us what you want. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] whatever you want. You have up to 10, start with 2 or 3 and add more as you need them. 

Webmail & Device Access

Easy Access

You can use webmail, you can forward it to your personal account, you can add it to your phone, tablets, laptops and desktops. You are in control.

Massive Mailbox Size

1GB MailBox As Standard

You have up to a 1 GB of space in your mailbox as standard. We can add more if you need it but this is more than enough for 95% of users.

Free Domain

Free or .com domain name

If you have reserved a domain name, we can use that for you, if you don’t have one, we’ll get one and we only use and .com domains for the utmost professionalism. We are experts so we can help you find a domain name that you’ll love.

Additional eMail Info

Potential customers don’t want to get ripped off and if you don’t look like a real business then they wont work with you. Why use [email protected] when you can have [email protected] – which to you looks better? Would you contact [email protected]? Routing your email through your business domain name just looks more professional and it’ll make customers more content in dealing with you. 

Helps Remember Your Business Name

If the customer is getting quotes from several businesses, it helps make your business name stand out. If you’ve a website it makes it easy for them to find you. 86% of customers will look for a business online BEFORE they hire them.

Reduces SPAM Risk

You’ve spoken with the customer, they’ve agreed you to contact them and then, you email but here nothing back. You could be in their spam / junk folder. Anyone can get a free email address in less than 60 seconds. Convenient – yes but it makes it easy to abuse them. How much junk do you get in your personal email? Are you even going to send that Kenyan lady £1000 to get a share of that 45 billon dollar inheritance? Or do you really need to find the latest supply of a performance enhancing martial aid?

Having a pro email address is what Google and other services calls, “A Trust Marker”. That means it reduces the chance of you ending up in spam or having your email bouncing back. 

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