What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Hey guys, today we’re gonna review the ins and outs of a virtual phone number. So what is a virtual phone number? A virtual phone number is a phone number that’s not directly associated with a telephone line. What does that actually mean? A virtual phone number is not associated with any piece of hardware.

What’s In An eMail Address?

When we want to start a business , we all think of the name we want to give it. The name or brand of our business along with the logo, and sometimes a slogan, are one of the first things that get us excited and that define who our business is.

Day 1

Ok so today is ground zero, day 1 of the journey and for sheer convenience we are going the route of the oh so mighty podcast! At some point when you look in the main site sidebar there will (I pinky promise) be a link to the aforementioned podcast in there.

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